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Please bear with me while this site is looking for meaning

It's exciting, interesting, fascinating, infuriating, exasperating, endless, repetitive, stuck, blocked, and a whole lot more. Yes, the Middle East can even be boring if you spend too much time on it. Undeniably one of the most important news regions in the world with a gazillion journalists covering the Israeli-Arab conflict alone, it can never be ignored for long. MadEast tries to take a slightly lighter or at least more informal look at some of the all too familiar issues, at the news of the moment or just at total trivia. Why? Because if there's one area of the world where people take themselves too seriously and that the outside world also inflates endlessly, it may well be the Middle East, right? OK, some things are just not that funny but I'll be the judge of that! Now, there's plenty of depressing news out there but who really wants to be freaked out should read the Arab Human Development reports At the very least it is a wake-up call.

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