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Real letter from Iranian protester, really genuine, no kidding

Dear Friends
Please pass these lines to those who are not here, can’t open their eyes and especially for those parachute reporters who should be more thorough while coming to Iran and making reports.

“ I can’t remember having found any hard evidence and proof while the world was deciding sanctions against Iran on the eventual non-peaceful Nuclear program, so how come that this time all analysts and reporters still seek for a hard proof to finally believe that there was a fraud in the elections?” My Grandma

Aren’t these evidences enough?
1 – Many are justifying the rallies as a bad-loser manner of the urban Iranian and believe that as Ahmadinejad is well supported from the country-side of Iran he probably got the majority of the votes. Such analysts should study more to see that only 30% of the whole nation are living in the country side . So among the 46 million Iranians qualified to participate in the elections, there are only 13.8 million country-side voters. If all of them did really vote for Ahmadinejad (which is of course unlikely) there is still a 10 million gap to reach the 24 million counted votes for Ahmadinejad.
2 – The whole protests aren’t just limited to Tehran and cities such as Shiraz, Mashad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Ahwaz… are also among the protesting regions. Sure is that small cities are definitely unable to contribute on the same scale as controlling and of course confronting it is much easier for the police and militia.
3 – Only 1.5 hours after closing the polls, 5 million votes were already counted and within 4 hours almost 65% of the whole 39 million votes were settled. The polling system in Iran is manual.
4 – About an hour after closing the polls, state news agencies congratulated Ahmadinejad’s win with a dominant majority.
5 – According to the Interior Ministry’s own statement (2 days before the election day), about 12 million extra ballots were printed for backup, so how come that dozens of voting stations were lacking of ballots and people were unable to vote?
6 – Voting Stations supposed to welcome voters till midnight but dozens of them closed at 22h00.
7 – Why did the election staff, stop the monitors (observers) of the 3 candidates entering the polling stations.
8 – Why did the Interior Ministry avoided the candidate’s representatives enter the Vote-Collecting-Room at the ministry (although legally they were allowed to have representatives)
9 – Each candidate was allowed to have at least one Monitor (Observer) in each voting station. Considering the 46,000 voting stations, each of them hired more than 65,000 volunteers or contributors distributed throughout the country to control the health of the elections and also help their campaign. If those along with their family members (3 heads) should vote for their candidate, a minimum of 200,000 ballots should be filled for each candidate. How come that that Mehdi Karoubi only got 330,000 votes? (despite that fact that the party supporting Karoubi has 2 million members and many other organizations and social movements officially supported him!)
8 – If the elections were clean and healthy, why did the government block all communications immediately after the elections on Friday night? (sms service are still down, mobile networks are working ill, more than 100 political figures got arrested immediately after the election, raids to University dormitories took place by the militia, all websites got blocked, Internet speed got reduced extremely, newspapers got blocked…)
9 – Ahmadinejad received only 5 millions votes on the previous elections (first round of 2005)
10- If the elections were clean, why opening fire on silent-protesters and killing at least 15 Iranians till now?