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Who needs the hummus wars?

HOT UPDATE ON THE RIMAH FAKIH, MISS USA 2010 STORY! - To add spice, so to say, to the dish a radio station has published all too tame pics of Rima Fakih participating in a pole dancing contest. Ridiculously, rumours of a 'spoof' sex tape have also surfaced. Judge for yourselves but it's clearly a spoof on movie violence, not on a porn video. This may be a digression but it's a sad commentary on the state of American culture and society that commentators cannot tell the two apart. While on the subject of American commentators, several of them who see Muslims under their bed at night have now dubbed Fakih a "Hezbollah babe" and/or a beneficiary of pro-Muslim beauty pageant affirmative action. Both extremely cool!
Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010. From Lebanon with Love
Bar Rafaeli

Meet Rima Fakih, on the left, an Arab American of Lebanese origins who has just been anointed Miss USA 2010. In the right-hand corner, with the gold-coloured bikini, is Israeli top model Bar Rafaeli as she appeared in the 2009 edition of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Ms Fakih has immediately been adopted by her native Lebanon as the best thing that they produced since, well, since that giant hummus dish that the country's culinary warriors cooked up earlier in May to prove that really, really, really, the chickpea mezze is Lebanese and not Israeli, as below:

Lebanese hummus dish

Just look at the girls and then look at the hummus dish and it will become immediately clear what I'm getting at. Although the silly food wars are by far preferable to the real thing, it remains an unproductive and also deeply unaesthetic way for both countries to compete, not to mention the amount of greenhouse gasses that are released when all that chickpea goo is consumed. That is why the arrival of Rima Fakih at the very summit of the modeling world comes as a godsend. From now on Israelis and Arabs should only compete in the models stakes. As a first challenge, I suggest hummus-wrestling.